Napcio Divina

A number of years ago, the Center for Renewal (where we served for almost 30 years) began opening its facility to pastors and ministry leaders for a day apart.  I would meet with the person at the beginning of their day, hear their concerns, hopes and dreams for the day, and then pray for them.  I would reconnect one or two times during the day, hearing from them what God was doing and saying.  Early on in that process I was surprised at often finding the pastors asleep when I would come to meet with them. They had so been looking forward to spending the time with the Lord.  Looking back I wonder why I was surprised.  As a culture, we are all totally exhausted.  Whether we are in a 24/7 business or a ministry than never stops, we are exhausted.  And when people come on one of these days apart, they often need to be given permission to take a nap.

That is where napcio divina  comes in.  Just as lectio divina is a way of bringing God into all of our reading and visio divina  is a way of bringing him into the visual arts, napcio divina is a way of napping in God’s presence.

Simple Steps

This is ridiculously simple:

  1. Give yourself permission to stop and nap.
  2. Lay down on a comfortable couch or bed
  3. Close your eyes
  4. Invite Jesus to be with you as you nap

Do you think we can do this? Step 1 is the most difficult.    It is the only spiritual discipline of which I am a master (and my wife heartily agrees!).