Listening Retreats

We must never forget that God speaks to us for the purpose of developing an intelligent, freely cooperative relationship between Him and us, in which we are fellow workers or co-laborers with Him. God wants us to participate in the governance of His kingdom. This relationship is drenched in the maturity and richness of genuine agape love.

Our primary goal, then, is not just to hear the voice of God but to be mature people in a loving relationship with God. This will result in our living a certain kind of life—one of loving fellowship with God and those who love Him. Only with this in mind will we hear God rightly.

Dallas Willard

One of the best vehicles for discipleship and becoming mature followers of Jesus is the Listening Retreat.  There are two types of retreats we offer:

  • Individual Retreats – This is where we take an individual on a uniquely guided retreat. Generally we meet two or more times during the retreat – helping you to process what you are hearing and how God is moving.
  • Group Retreats – Our team will lead groups from 4-20 individuals in a time uniquely tailored to your group.

In both of these you and if applicable your team will not just hear God’s voice but make significant strides at becoming a mature person or a mature team in a loving relationship with the Triune God.