Listening Seminars

To think we will recognize God’s voice without having to learn is a mistake.

Dallas Willard

Over the years, Barbara and Bob have worked with churches and small groups to help them connect to God more intimately through silence, solitude and listening. We would love to come to your church or organization for a morning, an evening or a day. We could also lead a Sunday School class at your church. Here are a sample of the topics we could cover:

  • What is Listening Prayer?
  • What are some practical steps to help us practice Listening Prayer.
  • Is Listening Prayer biblical?
  • Can we really learn to listen to God together? In our families; in our churches; in our para-church group?
  • How can we began to practice “Listening to God Together?”
  • What is Lectio Divina?
  • Is Lectio Divina biblical?
  • What role does solitude and silence play in developing an intimate relationship with our Trinitarian God?

These are just a sample of what we can present. We would like to structure it around where the Spirit is leading you. What are you yearning for?