About Bob and Barbara

Brief Introduction

We have lived in Connecticut since 1972 but came originally from the Midwest. Barbara was born and raised in Minnesota and Bob was born and raised in Michigan. Our youngest daughter Abby Egan has lived in Connecticut her entire life and is now married and lives in Plainville. Our two older daughters, Sara Moger and Kathy Paul  live in Connecticut.  We have eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Barbara and Bob both became Christians in the early 70’s and have spent the rest of their lives attempting to “see Him more clearly, love Him more dearly, and follow Him more nearly, Day by Day.” Currently we serve Him through the Listening To God Ministries in Avon Connecticut where together with an all volunteer team, we lead retreats for both individuals and groups. All of the retreats are centered around helping the retreatant or the group learn to listen to God and His word.

What’s on this personal portion of ListeningToGod.org?

On this portion read about our latest news, see some pictures, and read some of the stuff we have written.

We are indebted to many mentors over the years. Most have been through books. C.S. Lewis is certainly central.  Without Lewis, Barbara and I would never have met because Barbara found faith due to an incredible encounter with C.S. Lewis.  In a dark time of her life she found herself at a bookstore, in the religion section, crying out to the shelves – “Is there anything here that can help me?”  Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis literally fell off the shelf into her hands.

And the rest is history – or should I say His story.